WayV’s Hendery Spills The Hilarious Truth Behind His Latest “Boyfriend Material” Pictures

“We should thank her 🤣”

WayV‘s resident comedy king, Hendery, has been on holiday recently and some of his social media updates had fans laughing after he revealed the adorable truth behind his latest ‘boyfriend material’ pictures.

| @i_m_hendery/Instagram

Fans hilariously pointed out in the past that Hendery was not particularly the best at taking boyfriend material pictures of his members…

…but that he has himself been undergoing a gradual process of ‘boyfriendification’ over time.

Therefore, it was an interesting surprise when Hendery sent an update on the platform Dear U. Bubble—with some distinctly boyfriend material-looking pictures.

Except, what was even more surprising was that he sent a message alongside it claiming that it was none other than his sister who had made him send the pictures! Fans couldn’t get over how funny this was, even joking that Hendery’s sister stands in solidarity with WayZenNis.

But Hendery’s sister didn’t just ask him to send the pictures. As it turns out, two of his sisters were actually very much involved behind the scenes: one of them was the one holding his hand, while the other was the one who took the pictures.

WayZenNis have not only been laughing at the amusing result, but they have also been appreciating the sense of humor that seems to run in the family. Hendery is one of the funniest members of WayV, and in fact he originally wanted to be a comedian, so it’s fun to see where that comes from!

Additionally, it’s nice to see that his family has been able to manage his fame so well. In fact, another recent Dear U. Bubble update may be even funnier, with Hendery claiming that his father has been telling everyone that his son is a celebrity and has even been making Hendery take pictures with them.

At the end of the day, the best thing is that fans have gotten to see how wholesome Hendery’s relationship with his family is, and that’s something that WayZenNis will always support!