WayV’s Hendery And Yangyang Pretended To Be Ten’s Cats…And We Can’t Stop Laughing

Ten asked them to continue, but they refused. 😂

We’re all familiar with WayV‘s cats Louis and Leon, and how much cat dad Ten pampers them. And the cats are quite obedient, evident from the numerous tricks that Ten taught them.

| @tenlee_1001/Instagram

Louis and Leon clearly have a special place in Ten’s heart— and the other members’— as they frequently show up in their live broadcasts and photos.

Ten’s 24 Hour Relay Cam | NCT/YouTube

In the behind the scenes footage for their “Action Figure” dance video, Hendery and Yangyang decided to be mischievous while Ten was talking to the camera by pretending to be Louis and Leon and rubbing their face on him.

But they weren’t expecting Ten to like it and ask them to continue. Yangyang refused, saying “It’s scary.” Guess Ten has to find Louis and Leon if he wants some more cat cuddles!

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