WayV Knows When Lucas Is Angry Just From The Language He Speaks In

Ten knew all about his habit.

Teen Vogue chose fresh, fun questions for their interview with WayV that revealed different sides of the group’s members. One, in particular, had them revealing the main indicator that Lucas is angry.

Since all the members speak multiple languages, they switch between Korean, Mandarin, and English when communicating with each other. With this in mind, the magazine decided to switch things up and asked what language each member thinks in.

As soon as he heard the question, Hendery raised his hand like an eager student waiting to be called on. It was a no-brainer. He stated, “For me, it’s Cantonese.” for him. With at least four languages under his belt, Ten had quite a few to choose from. He picked the two that he switched between: Thai and English.

The uncomplicated and unbothered Winwin didn’t have to hesitate on his pick. His thoughts were in Mandarin. Since Yangyang speaks at least four languages like Ten, he switched between two as well: English and Mandarin.

Compared to the rest of the members, leader Kun was a special case. The language he thinks in depends on where he is. When he’s in Korea, he thinks in Korean; when he’s in China, he thinks in Mandarin.

When it was Lucas’s turn to answer, he shouted, “I really don’t know!” After taking some time to think about it, he settled on an answer, “I think in Mandarin, sometimes in Korean.” That wasn’t all, though. When his mood changes, so does the language of his thoughts.

Lucas revealed, “I only think in Cantonese when I’m angry.” The straightforward statement made Winwin, Yangyang, and Kun burst into laughter.

After finding out that funny fact, the magazine asked another interesting question. Does Lucas speak in Cantonese when he’s angry as well? Ten was the first one to confirm it was true. With wide eyes, he’d quickly nodded his head.

If you ever wondered what Lucas looks like angry, just imagine him talking in Cantonese. He definitely can’t hide when he’s mad from his members. They can tell just from the language he switches to.

Source: Teen Vogue