This Is How WayV’s Kun, NCT DREAM’s Chenle And SEVENTEEN’s Jun Proved They Have The Most Wholesome Friendship

These besties are always there for each other.

WayV‘s Kun celebrated his 26th birthday on January 1, and, despite their busy schedules, two of his closest friends were there to celebrate it with him—NCT DREAM‘s Chenle and SEVENTEEN‘s Jun.

Kun and Jun

During a live stream on his birthday, Kun took a walk on the beach and hung out with fans while eating snacks and talking about how thankful he was for all the people who sent him birthday cakes and well-wishes.

Kun and Chenle | @kun11xd/Instagram

Of those people, two of them had specifically made time to hang out and celebrate with him: Chenle and Jun. Kun mentioned that earlier that day they had celebrated and eaten birthday cake together…

…but that Kun had refused to drink with them due to his concern of it making him look red. Chenle had apparently also bought him a birthday present, but, hilariously, had not yet given it to him.

Fans were excited to find out about this interaction, pointing out that it is really sweet to see Jun hanging out and being close with other members of the China line, even spending his New Year’s Eve with them…

…and it’s impossible not to agree! However, others thought it was hilarious that Jun chose to meet up with Kun and Chenle before seeing any of the members of SEVENTEEN.

The fact that Jun seemingly prioritzed Kun’s birthday proves how close their friendship is. It’s always amazing to see such genuine friendships between idols, and Kun, Chenle and Jun probably bonded a lot over their shared experiences as foreigners in Korea. It’s encouraging to see how they support each other, especially in special moments such as this! We’d love to see more of this cute friendship!