WayV’s Kun Has Proven That He Is A Certified ARMY

Kun is certainly an ARMY!

There were a lot of performances from top K-Pop groups during the 2019 MAMA Awards, and artists who attended the award show enjoyed them as much as the fans did! It was also a chance for other idols to see their own idols perform live as well!

WayV‘s Kun seemed to enjoy one particular performance out of the many outstanding ones! He caught the attention of ARMYs after he was seen jamming along to “Boy With Luv” together with his members while BTS was performing on stage! Kun was singing and dancing along to the music!

Kun was even spotted doing the fan chant for the song proving once and for all, that he is indeed a certified ARMY! He chanted the fan chant together with the ARMYs screaming it from the audience!

ARMYs were so shocked to see him do and know the fan chant so well! This video is leaving nothing but evidence that Kun is in fact an ARMY!