WayV’s Kun And Winwin Couldn’t Stop Ten From Giving All The Spoilers About Their Concert

“Don’t say anymore… You’re the spoiler king!”

If you know WayV‘s Ten, you know he has no problem testing the boundaries. The trick is, he does it in a way that no one could get mad about it, even when it comes to spoilers.

After all, he was supposedly the one to let the cat out of the bag about their Beyond Live concert before any official announcements. Ten didn’t stop there. In a recent live alongside Winwin and Kun, he decided he would give fans even more spoilers, so many that the two couldn’t stop him.

Since the group has been practicing for the upcoming stage, Ten thought he would give fans a taste. Leader Kun wasn’t having it. He’d heard enough when Ten began to say, “What did we practice? There’s…” Kun grabbed onto Ten’s shoulder and tried to drown out his voice with his own.

That hadn’t ruffled Ten’s feathers one bit. The next moment, he reached out a hand to caress Kun’s face while singing Billie Eilish‘s “Lovely”. He seemed to hint that he and Winwin would be performing the dance cover they’d previously released to the song. Kun was quick, latching onto Ten’s hand and placing it back on his lap before he could sing anymore.

Ten kept the train of spoilers going. He then mentioned a specific color, “What is it? Red” While Kun cut him off like before, this time Winwin had to step in. It seemed like he was trying to throw everyone off track by picking another, “Green. Green. Green.”

With a hint about the lighting, Ten couldn’t resist spoiling a bit of their stage setup. As he held his hands in the air, he began, “Oh! I heard for one of our stages, we’ll have a very…” By now, Kun and Winwin were on the same page in trying to stop him.

They both were playfully fed up with Ten. Kun said what everyone had already known, “You’re the king of spoilers.” Winwin reached for Ten, saying, “You’re the spoiler gege (older brother).”

While those were plenty, fans wanted to see more spoilers. By that point, Ten realized he’d gone a bit overboard, “I think we spoiled a lot, so from now on, it’s going to be a secret. We prepared a lot of stuff for you guys. You have to come and see.” At least, that’s what he’d said with his mouth.

Soon after, Ten stood up and spoiled some of their choreography. When Kun realized, he motioned for him to stop and retake his seat between them. Winwin went straight for Ten, wrapping his arms around him to keep from spoiling more.

If Ten can’t stop himself from dropping spoilers, no one can. See him drop all the spoilers about their upcoming Beyond Live concert here.