WayV’s Lucas Has Competition From An NCT 127 Member For Joining NCT Dream

Chenle revealed who they were.

Ever since WayV‘s Lucas could voice his opinion about it, he’s told everyone under the sun that he would’ve loved to be part of NCT Dream. Since he and Mark were born the same year, it could’ve been possible.

At least, if NCT Dream hadn’t debuted shortly after he joined SM Entertainment. Still, that hasn’t stopped him. Now, it looks like he has a little competition for becoming the eighth member.

Even though Lucas briefly became a part of NCT Dream for SM Entertainment’s concert in Dubai back in 2018, Chenle recently revealed there’s an NCT 127 member that’s just as enthusiastic about joining their team as well.

In an interview with Jisung and Chenle for ELLE Korea, the two had to pick an NCT member who acted younger than them, the true maknae line. To see if they’d choose the same member, they decided to say it out loud together.

While Jisung chose the oldest of NCT Dream, Mark, Chenle chose a member from NCT 127: Taeil. He had a specific reason, though. He explained, “I’d say Taeil. Taeil always wants to be part of NCT Dream.”

Since Lucas has been so vocal about his wish to join them, Taeil slipped under everyone’s radar. A little competition won’t phase Lucas, though.

As of the end of last year, his answer has always been the same on whether he still wants to become a dreamie: yes. In fact, they could be the eighth and ninth members of NCT Dream.

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