WayV’s Lucas Debuts Tattoo In Teaser, And It’s Actually Real

He’s been hiding it all along…

To prepare for the release of their first full-length album Awaken The World, WayV has made fans even more eager by dropping teasers for each member.

When they released Lucas‘s, fans had a few questions about the tattoo he was sporting.

As he sat on an elevated, long bar, he was completely shirtless. While everyone was given a view of his ripped abs, there was something they noticed more.

On the left side of those abs, was a sizable tattoo of an animal centered there.

From the glimpses of the tattoo in the video clip and the teaser photo, it appeared to be a lion.

While some thought the tattoo might’ve been drawn on for the filming, it became clear that it was actually real based on moments from the past.

During their variety show Dream Plan, fans noticed the strange way that Lucas had pulled up his shirt. Rather than just lifting the entire thing up, he only pulled up half of it, placing a hand to keep it over his left side.

He also did the same in a fancam, making sure to cover the left side of his abs by holding the shirt in place.

When SuperM hung out by the poolside with towels wrapped around them, they couldn’t miss the way Lucas held his. He once again covered the left side of his abs.

Since the outline and coloring of the tattoo didn’t appear as bold and sharp as a newly inked one, fans suggested it might’ve been old.

Based on how long Lucas has been covering it, they seem to be right.  He’s had it way longer than anyone would’ve thought. Check out the teaser here to catch a glimpse of it here.