WayV’s Lucas Explains Why He Cried After Hearing A Fan’s Message

They were far from tears of sadness.

Back in May, WayV held their first online concert Beyond The Vision through Beyond LIVE. Although they couldn’t be with fans in person, they were able to communicate with them through video.

When Lucas heard the heartfelt words one fan said to the group, he shocked everyone by bursting into tears. Kun and Xiaojun were quick to pat him on the shoulder. The latter even tried to wipe his tears away before getting him a tissue.

After gathering himself, Lucas responded, “You gave it back to us as well. So, we want to give you the best. Achieve higher level.” Since he didn’t have any time to explain what had touched him so emotionally, Lucas did so during their recent sitdown with workpointTODAY.

He wanted to explain what had touched him the most. It had been a fan’s wish to see them in person, which was granted instead through video.

It didn’t dim the joy they felt and how Lucas reacted to it, “The reason that I cried was because, on that day, one of our fans said that they really wanted to meet us up close, and they were really happy.”

Similar to how fans gain the motivation and support they need from WayV, the group receives that same energy from them. “We are touched and empowered by the love of our fans. And with this power, we perform better and spread positive energy to everyone.”

Hearing those reassuring words from the fan and Lucas’s kind personality, he couldn’t hold back the emotion that welled up inside him. As he finished it off with, “The incident on that day and my sensitive personality made me cry,” the rest of them couldn’t resist smiling and clapping at his response.

If it weren’t for fans who stayed by their side, especially when half of the group had been “SM’s dungeon,” as fans like to say, WayV wouldn’t be as successful as they are now. Lucas and the rest of the members appreciate fans—so much that they could cry.