Lucas Realizing He Lost His SuperM Ring Is The Internet’s New Favorite Meme

Oh, Lucas, that face is 10/10.

During his recent Instagram live, SuperM‘s Lucas made a hilarious facial expression that is bound to become the internet’s most beloved meme source now!


At first, he was simply flashing the rock n’ roll hand gesture at the camera…


… but then, he realized his hands are bare — very, very bare.

Uh? My ring…

— Lucas


Worried that he might have misplaced it for good, he becomes completely overwhelmed with panic!


He looks to the person next to him and asks if the stylist might have it!

My ring… I forgot… Yesterday…… Stylist…?

— Lucas


Soon, Lucas becomes relatively relived and cracks up at himself for being so scared sh*tless!

Oh gosh, that scared me.

— Lucas


Fans can’t stop laughing at Lucas’s 200% real-AF reaction to the missing ring! Because let’s admit it — we’ve all made this face before at some point in our lives: