WayV’s Lucas Reveals How He Truly Feels Towards His Members

Lucas is absolutely the sweetest!

In a recent interview with Nylon China, WayV‘s Lucas opened up how he feels about his members.

Lucas admitted that to him, WayV has become his home. After being together for years, and seeing each other almost everyday, WayV has become a safe space for him where he can grow and be himself. They have been part of each others’ lives for so long so its not surprising to see them be each other’s source of comfort.

To me, WayV is home.

Because the members and I have spent a long time together, I’ve slowly realized that they’ve become an integral part of my life.

Even though they are together most of the time, Lucas said that he misses them a lot when he’s alone. They are always together that being alone for a short time automatically makes the absence of his members evident and feel weird.

When I’m on break and the members aren’t with me, it feels odd and I miss them.

They have really become a family throughout the years and they continue to grow on each other over time. They especially have been with each other in both good times and bad and have seen each others’ best and worst moments, and being together makes it easier for each of them to carry the burden. They are indeed each others’ homes.

Source: Twitter