WayV Lucas’s Reaction To A Fan Stealing During Their Fan Signing Is So Lucas

Kun was so done with him.

During fan signings, sometimes things happen that no one saw coming. That’s what happened at one of WayV‘s for their debut mini-album Take Off.

While the rest of the members reacted how you’d expect after hearing about the theft, Lucas‘s unbothered reaction has resurfaced for being forever iconic.

To be able to attend a fan signing, fans typically purchase a massive amount of albums to increase their chances of snagging an opportunity to participate. Knowing that, it made the news even more startling. Someone hadn’t stolen only one or two albums. They’d supposedly taken at least forty of them.

While a staff member told Kun what happened, Winwin scooted closer to listen in. Both of them couldn’t believe it. Kun’s eyes widened as he looked up at the staff member. Winwin looked out into the audience, confused.

After hearing all the details, Kun jumped backward in shock, followed by Winwin who did the same. On the flip side, Lucas hadn’t yet found out the news, happily continuing his interactions with fans.

When Lucas was finished, he wanted to find out what they’d been making a commotion about. Winwin was quick to lean in and inform him about the situation. At first, Lucas seemed just as surprised by the news. That ended quickly.

After verifying that it was true, Lucas gave the funniest look to the audience of fans. It was like a parent who wanted to scold their child but couldn’t because they were too amused. That wasn’t even the most interesting part of his reaction.

Like nothing had happened, and they weren’t dealing with such a serious situation, Lucas shared his happy energy with everyone. He stood up and did the body waves from “Take Off”. Winwin and Kun burst into laughter after seeing it.

Lucas may put his playful personality to the side for a moment when a situation is serious, but it’ll always find a way to come back.

Source: Weibo