WayV Lucas And Winwin Can’t Handle More Than One Of NCT 127 Haechan Or Jungwoo

“There’s something that the fans don’t know.” – Lucas

Even though the NCT members are promoting separately with different groups, NCT 127 and WayV, that doesn’t stop them from knowing all of each other’s habits.

They know each other so well that Lucas and Winwin admitted they wouldn’t be able to handle more than one of Haechan or Jungwoo. Here’s what makes them so much of a handful.

During Lucas’s video call with a fan, they gave him a choice between a five-year-old Jungwoo or five of him. The answer was simple for Lucas, “Five-year-old.” There were two reasons why. If there were only one Jungwoo, Lucas would be able to keep an eye on him; if there were five, they would all run wild.

Secondly, Lucas had a mysterious reason for limiting it to just one Jungwoo. Laughing, he explained, “There’s something that the fans don’t know.” Since Lucas can’t spill all their secrets, he didn’t elaborate.

Either way, it must be something that fans would find amusing. Fortunately, Winwin wasn’t so mysterious when it came to Haechan.

Like Lucas, Winwin wasn’t fond of a bunch of full-grown Haechans running around. He instead settled for just a single young one. He confidently shouted, “Five-year-old Haechan!” His reasoning was completely understandable.

Because Haechan is so full of energy, multiplying him by five would create such power that they’d be able to topple an entire building. On the flip side, a five-year-old Haechan was more Winwin’s speed. He would be the perfect adorable little brother.

If five full-sized versions of Jungwoo and Haechan made Winwin and Lucas worried, just imagine all ten of them together. That would be complete chaos and something NCTzens wouldn’t want to miss.