WayV’s Lucas Reveals Why Winwin Is The Perfect Roommate

They don’t want to be roommates with anyone else.

Since WayV‘s Lucas and Winwin have been sharing a room for two years, fans asked how well they get along as roommates. Lucas laid out all the reasons Winwin was the perfect roommate.

Winwin and Lucas. | Lysn Bubble

When a fan asked about having Lucas as a roommate, Winwin shared how well they complemented each other. He said, “Our personality is a good match for sharing a room.

That reminded Lucas of the special things that Winwin does to make him comfortable. He appreciated that Winwin kept the noise level to a minimum, making it easier for Lucas to fall asleep whenever. That wasn’t the only sweet thing Winwin did for him, either.

In my opinion, my weakness is that I have irregular time[s] for sleeping. So Winwin tries not to make a loud sound while I’m sleeping.

It’s really like a family. It’s like we’re older and younger brothers.


If it slipped Lucas’s mind to tidy the window for bedtime, Winwin was a step ahead of him. Lucas said, “For example, if I don’t close the window or cover the curtains, he closes it before I sleep.

Even when it came to something as simple as the room’s lighting, Winwin didn’t need to be asked to take care of it. Lucas said, “Some days when he sleeps earlier, he turns off all the lights.

Winwin was such a caring roommate that Lucas didn’t have to worry about a messy bed before heading to sleep. Lucas said, “He even arranged the bed for me sometimes.

Although Winwin isn’t the touchy-feely type, he shows how much he cares with his sweet actions.

Watch Lucas share all the caring things Winwin does as a roommate and why they wouldn’t mind staying together as long as they can.