WayV’s Lucas And Winwin’s Reactions To Xiaojun’s Acting Are Relatable AF

They knew Xiaojun too well to be fooled.

Joining the ranks of NCT‘s actors, WayV‘s Xiaojun made his debut in the Chinese drama Hello, My Youth. When a fan asked Winwin and Lucas what they thought of their member’s acting, it turned into a fun time for all.


After a WayZenNi asked the two if Xiaojun’s acting in the drama looked “awkward or funny,” Winwin was the first to agree. He said, “We feel so awkward when we watch Xiaojun’s [acting]. Because Xiaojun and us are really friendly.

The two members weren’t used to seeing such a different side of Xiaojun, often seeing him playing around and acting silly. Winwin imitated Xiaojun’s usual self after saying, “He was in charge of a character who is really chic, but he’s like this kind of person.

Their personal thoughts aside, Lucas acknowledged that acting was a great fit for Xiaojun. Lucas added, “I’ve watched one episode of it. He really suits well with being an actor.

Because they couldn’t go without being funny, they decided to react to Xiaojun’s acting on the spot by checking out some of his scenes.

Both of them burst into laughter as soon as it started, laughing and hiding from the new side of Xiaojun. Lucas spoke for them both when saying, “It’s because we know Xiaojun too well.

Everyone’s had a moment where they see a side of their friend they’re not used to and can’t immediately wrap their mind around. Funnily enough, it just proves that Xiaojun is truly a talented actor if he can do such a complete one-eighty.

Xiaojun, Lucas, and Winwin. | 威神V_肖俊_XIAOJUN/Weibo

Check out some of Xiaojun’s acting, along with Lucas and Winwin’s amusingly honest reactions.