WayV’s Lucas And Winwin Weren’t Ready For A Look At Ten’s Abs

You’re either a Lucas or a Winwin.

WayV‘s Ten isn’t shy when it comes to showing off his abs, baring them so much that NCT 127‘s Mark awarded him the “The Nude Of The Year” award.

When Ten’s abs made an accidental appearance though, Lucas and Winwin still weren’t ready for the glimpse.

Lucas and Winwin.

At WayV’s fan meeting in Bangkok, Thailand, the group had a fun handstand competition where Ten became the last one standing. Thanks to gravity, his shirt slipped down to reveal his abs.

Since he was facing the back of the stage, the members were the only ones gifted with a full view. From Lucas’s expression alone, it was enough to make up for not getting a glimpse.

| @wingwingdsc/Twitter

While Lucas watched, covering his mouth with his hand, Winwin smiled and stepped in to make sure Ten wasn’t feeling too much of a breeze.

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Between Ten’s abs and his ability to stay in a handstand for so long, Lucas and Winwin’s reactions were hilarious.

Ten | @tenlee_1001/Instagram

Just by taking a look at Ten, who can blame them?

| @tenlee_1001/Instagram