WayV Lucas’s Grocery Shopping Habit Is So Relatable You’ll Laugh

He had to keep his eyes on the prize.

In a clip from WayV‘s first reality show, Lucas is seen doing some grocery shopping. And, the way he does it is super relatable.


After putting an item on the conveyor belt, he’s quick to check the price. And, the serious look on his face is everyone making sure they’re not going over their budget.

Seemingly satisfied with the price, he reaches for another item. And, that same serious expression appears on his face once more as he stares down the register.

Even when he was comfortable he had enough in his budget to to add one more item, he couldn’t help but to check the price.

Lucas is just like everyone else when he grocery shops, maybe a little more serious.

Watch the tense yet funny moments of Lucas burning a hole through the register here.