WayV Lucas’s Simple Outlook On Life Will Inspire You

No wonder he’s always so upbeat.

On WayV‘s Dream Plan, all of them sat down to a meal where they shared their thoughts about the experience of helping farmers for the first time. And, it put their lives into perspective.


Lucas revealed they had learned many things they hadn’t known before because they were so used to having everything done for them.

It made him realize that the best way to learn things was to just go for it and experience it himself. Someone can always explain how something feels or how to do something, but it doesn’t compare to the actual experience.

And, it made him come to the realization that “Life was actually very simple. You don’t have to make it so complicated.” The words were so wise that Winwin immediately agreed.

Sometimes human beings have the tendency to over-analyze situations and worry endlessly about what to do in life. But, Lucas is here to remind everyone that life itself isn’t complicated. So, do your best to live it that way.

Lucas has such a bright personality, and this could be the reason why. Listen to his wise words and watch everyone agree with them here.