WayV Reveals Which Member Cries The Most

Protect him at all costs!

WayV‘s Kun and Xiaojun guest starred on radio show Akdong Seoul with DJ Chenle to chat and answer questions about their newest unit song “Back To You.”

Kun (left) and Xiaojun (right) | @WayV_official/Twitter

During the question portion of the show, Kun read a question sent in by a fan that asked if their singing for “Back To You” made any of the other members cry, as the song is quite tender and emotional. Xiaojun then shared that the WayV members don’t actually cry a lot, except for one member.

Turns out Lucas is the member that cries the easiest out of the WayV members! But Kun clarified that it’s not full on crying, but more like his eyes water if he’s particularly touched.

Considering his puppy-esque nature, we’re not too surprised by this information!

Source: Feature Image (1) and (2) and Radio Broadcast