WayV, The Most Multilingual Group, Reveals What Language They Think In

The members speak at least 2 languages fluently.

WayV is the SM Entertainment group making huge waves in China.

Besides their obvious individual talent, the idols are known for their unique language fluency.


The seven members all speak at least Mandarin and Korean fluently as they trained in Korea.

The ultimate question, however, is which language do they think in?

Speaking with Teen Vogue, Hendery revealed that he thinks in Cantonese, YangYang in Mandarin and English, Ten in Thai and English, and WinWin in just Mandarin.


For the other members, it really depends on the time and place. Kun says he usually thinks in Korean when in Korea and Mandarin when based in China. Lucas, meanwhile, is a mix of everything.

I think in Mandarin, sometimes in Korean. I only think in Cantonese when I’m angry.

– Lucas

Besides knowing numerous languages, some members such as YangYang even speak with an accent, adding to the confusion.


Multilingual indeed!

Source: Teen Vogue