WayV And NCT’s Choreographer Picks The Members Who Keep Everyone Motivated

They’re the breath of fresh air that keeps them going.

Every group has a person that always lightens the mood whenever things get rough. NCT‘s choreographer Ryu.D revealed which members in the group fulfilled that role.

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Cha Hyun Seung, known for his work as Sunmi‘s backup dancer, asked which member often encouraged the others. Ryu.D couldn’t settle on just one, “The member who’s the life of the party is…

He started with NCT 127 and picked the three that would come to mind for many NCTzens. “I’d say Haechan, Johnny, or Jungwoo.

Ryu.D pointed out the similarities that made them stand out, “Those who are active and funny.” They weren’t the only ones.

He couldn’t forget the playfulness of the WayV members as well. “Xiaojun and Lucas are also like that.

Since NCT is a big group with so many different personalities, Ryu.D admitted that a lot of them kept everyone’s spirits up. “Actually, many members are like that.

When they get a bit too rowdy, he noted that Taeyong reins them in. “Taeyong is usually the one who puts everyone back on track when they’re distracted.

Because NCT is so busy with its many units and promotions, it’s positive to know they have more than enough mood-makers to keep them motivated with their silliness and bright energy.

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Watch Ryu.D talk about the energetic members here.