WayV Speak So Many Languages That They’ve Created Their Own

Konglish has nothing on WayV’s language, and Lucas was here for it.

Although WayV is the Chinese unit of NCT, that doesn’t stop them from being just as international as the rest. Within their group alone, they speak four languages. That’s not counting all the ones they can talk as a whole.

Due to speaking so many languages, it’s bound to cause a little chaos among them. Funnily enough, that wasn’t the case at all.

| WayV_Official/Weibo

When hello82 asked the group if switching between different languages ever became confusing, leader Kun revealed that it was the opposite. They’ve created their own language, “Sometimes we use three languages in one sentence.

Winwin gave an example of how they combined their shared languages. The simple question, “Do you wanna go eat beef short rib soup?” would fuse English, Mandarin, and Korea all into one: “Do you xiǎng qù chī galbitang?”

Even though it may be complicated for others to follow, their unique language was a result of how gifted they are, “It’s because we speak multiple languages. It’s our strength as a global group.” Clapping, they were all proud of Kun’s compliment.

Saying the meme-able line, “Okay, international,” to agree, Lucas had himself and the rest of his members cracking up.

What do you think WayV’s unique language should be called? If Korean and English combined is Konglish, it would be pretty humorous to try to combine all three.