WayV’s Ten Tried To Cook Dumplings…And This Is How It Went

The pattern of concerning incidents in WayV dorms continues!

In an Instagram live on April 24, WayV‘s Ten shared a chaotic story about his most recent attempt to cook dumplings—which ended up being a cautionary tale for him.

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Ten has been busy wowing everyone with his performance on the Chinese show Great Dance Crew, where is he also one of the mentors. But in between charismatic performances and learning multiple languages…

…Ten has also been making some attempts to cook. Except, unfortunately, his latest attempt did not go according to plan. While chatting with fans on Instagram live, Ten related that something scary had happened when he tried to make dumplings.

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Okay, so there’s one thing that scares me about yesterday. So I was cooking my dumplings, right? And I did turn off the gas. But when I came back two hours later—I was in my room listening to music and stuff, so I went to the kitchen to make something else and I found out that I didn’t turn off the gas.

— Ten

Not only that, but there was actually a fire burning on the stove! Ten gestured that the fire was actually burning quite intensely when he saw it, saying, “So I actually almost burned the place down.”

That was very scary. So I learned something new: turn off the gas and check very carefully that it’s off.”

— Ten

He hilariously summed up his story with “So yesterday was very scary.” This event is only the latest happening in a list of weird incidents that seem to continually plague WayV’s dorm. On April 17, YangYang shared a picture of his living room’s ceiling when it started leaking…a lot.

Fortunately, nothing serious happened, despite the risks that Ten’s cooking attempt posed! At least Ten says he learned a lesson from this latest incident, so now we hope he can one day enjoy some nice self-made dumplings!

You can watch the clip on the following link:

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