WayV Ten’s Critique For A “Great Dance Crew” Dancer Cracked Everyone Up

One thing kept distracting mentor Ten 😂

Despite only the first episode of Great Dance Crew airing, WayV‘s Ten is already creating laughter with his feedback for the dancers.


When the leaders WJSN‘s (also known as Cosmic Girls) Cheng Xiao, former miss A member Fei, and INTO1‘s Santa advised a dancer, Ten couldn’t resist asking a question he was “curious about.

Using his own hands to demonstrate, Ten asked, “Why does it seem like her manicure can be seen from every movement of hers?

The question even made the dancer laugh. The other contestants laughed along with Ten, imitating the movements as well.

The other leaders cracked smiles, watching Ten demonstrate how the dancer posed for every dance move with her hands.

It was a distraction that he couldn’t shake. Ten admitted, “I wanted to remember her dance, but her manicure caught my attention every time.” Fei and Cheng Xiao offered an explanation that was just as funny as the question.

Cheng Xiao and Fei joked that showing off her manicure had been part of the dancer’s plan to promote her business.

Fei: That’s right. She’s here today to advertise for her nail salon.

Cheng Xiao: Yes, that’s her side hustle.

Ten truly pays attention to the details, even the funny ones.