WayV Ten Introduces Perfect Way To Confess To Your Crush—Or Receive A Rejection

Ten has all the bases covered for how it’ll unfold.

In a special segment of WayV‘s WayV-riety, Take Your Worries Away, the group turned it into a bit of a counseling session where they gave WayZenNis some much-needed advice on their problems. Naturally, an issue that one fan submitted involved a one-sided love.

Upon hearing the entire situation, Ten shared two ways the fan could approach the situation—whether it ended in a romantic relationship or still living the single life.

A WayZenNi opened up about having feelings for a fellow classmate, ones they’d had for a long time. With their graduation soon approaching, they wanted advice on how to get closer to their crush and confess those feelings. While Ten listened to the submission, he was already prepared to give a response, stretching his body to warm up.

Ten encouraged the fan by advising them to be brave and go for it. Pretending to grab someone, he acted out how it would look, “Just go, ‘I love you. You like me? No, no? Okay, bye-bye.’ So simple!” It was so straightforward the rest of them burst into applause and laughter. He then played out a more realistic version of how it would play out.

Using Yangyang as the sought-after classmate, Ten pretended he was the fan. “Have courage. Go to him and say, ‘I have something to say. Do you like me?’” Playing along, Yangyang shyly confirmed, “Yes.” Ten then sealed the deal, “Okay. Let’s date.

Since confessions and finding out someone’s feelings don’t always go so smoothly, Yangyang wanted to show how a rejection would go down next. “Okay, okay. Another scenario.

Like before, Ten asked the vital question, “Hey, do you like me?” Being adorably shy, Yangyang denied it, “N…no.” To everyone’s amazement, Ten didn’t let the rejection phase him. He was confident in his worth, “Sorry, you missed me.

Ten emphasized the importance of powering through with it, “It’s really easy, really! Just believe in yourself. Go for it!” What truly mattered wasn’t whether the other person accepted or rejected your feelings.

The most important part was having the courage to share those feelings. If they accepted it, that’s a dream come true. If they didn’t, Ten had the right idea: they didn’t deserve you. Check out his and Yangyang’s acting scenes on how to handle whichever way your confession turns out here.