WayV’s Ten Learned The Hard Way “Baby” Yangyang Entered His Rebellious Phase

“Don’t call me baby.”

As the youngest member of WayV, the group has had no problem treating Yangyang as such. During one of his many live broadcasts with Ten, he didn’t seem to want to be babied any longer.

Since Yangyang was the one on screen, Ten could only be heard patting what was most likely the seat beside him, “Baby, come here.” As Ten continued patting the seat for him to move, Yangyang merely looked at him, his rebelliousness kicking in.

He stated evenly, “Don’t call me baby.” The words didn’t stop Ten one bit, though.

After bypassing everything he’d said, Ten went on to say, “I need to spend time with my baby Yangyang.” Once again looking at him, Yangyang wanted to prove that he was now an adult rather than a baby, “I’m not your baby. I’m twenty now.” Just like before, that didn’t matter to Ten.

By then, Yangyang looked ready to throw hands and had to pull out the big guns. Instead of merely saying he was older now, he decided to use a more logical approach: “Actually, we’re only four years apart. That’s the funny part.”

Yangyang still couldn’t win against him, though. Ten wasn’t allowing that for an explanation at all: “That’s a baby.”

Just like parents always view their children as their babies, no matter how old they become, Ten will always see Yangyang as his baby.

Yangyang trying to rebel against that is far too funny to miss. Watch the hilarious power struggle between Ten and his “baby” here.