WayV’s Ten And SHINee’s Taemin Wore The Same Type Of Print But Served Totally Different Vibes

Two iconic kings, two looks!

SuperM groupmates WayV‘s Ten and SHINee‘s Taemin both rocked the same black and white checkered print!

SHINee’s Taemin (left) and WayV’s Ten (right) | SM Entertainment

Both Taemin and Ten are the main dancers of their groups.

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They both have gorgeous voices, too! This year they both put out music with their respective groups, as well as solo music.

Taemin released the Advice mini album in May, and he stunned fans with the title track’s hip hop-meets-classical vibes.

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Ten released his single “Paint Me Naked” in August, and fans fell in love with the track’s rock vibes. When “Paint Me Naked” came out, a few fans realized the two SuperM groupmates wore the same checkered pattern in their music videos!


Taemin wore a checkered top under a black and white suit jacket in one of the dance scenes of the “Advice” music video. He finished the look off with black and white pants that matched his jacket, a black tie, and black and white dress shoes.

He also wore the checkered top in chess-themed teaser photos he released before “Advice” came out.

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He wore it during his STUDIO CHOOM “Advice” performance, too.


Taemin served classy yet edgy vibes in the checkered print! His matching black and white suit made the look appear well thought out, and it lent itself perfectly to the song’s chess concept.

His long hair lent an edgy, rebellious-looking vibe to the look that paired well with the song’s lyrics about going your own way no matter what anyone thinks. Plus, his long, flowing hair looked great with the song’s super hard choreography!

Ten wore the same checkered print in his “Paint Me Naked” music video. Instead of wearing a checkered shirt, he opted for a checkered suit.

He also wore it during a performance on SBS‘s Inkigayo.

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Ten wore the suit with a pink shirt and black tie. He completed the look with black, grey, and white sneakers.


Ten served cool, alternative vibes in the checkered pattern. His checkered suit fit the rock vibes of “Paint Me Naked.”

Ten wore lots of colorful accessories with the suit, which further emphasized the outfit’s cool rocker vibes. Meanwhile, Taemin kept his accessories simple and wore a few silver rings and silver earrings to bring out the classy chess theme of “Advice.”

Although Ten and Taemin both rocked the same pattern in different ways, they both slayed in looks that fit their concepts!

Same Fit, Different Vibes