WayV’s Ten Teaches Winwin How To Put Swag Into His English Pronunciation

Ten was proud of Winwin’s improvement.

WayV released a V-ehind the scenes look at the recording process of their latest album Take Over The Moon. Since Winwin often helps Ten improve his Chinese skills, Ten did the same for him.


While recording the English version of their track “Love Talk”, Ten helped Winwin improve his English pronunciation. He even took it further by making sure Winwin had a bit of swag to sound as natural as possible.

Ten first monitored Winwin’s pronunciation of his line, “I just want you to come on over where I’m staying,” saying it along with him. Excited he had the line down, Ten gave him a tip to make it sound even better.

Rather than fully pronouncing “ing” at the end of words, Ten suggested pronouncing them as “in.”

With swag. You have to pronounce ‘ing’ as ‘in.’

To try it out, Winwin pronounced “waiting” as “waitin'” for his next line. Ten was extremely satisfied with how well he’d pronounced it, nearly pinching Winwin’s cheek.

Ten was able to help Winwin just like he’s always helping him. See him get excited at how well Winwin followed his tips here.