WayV’s Ten And Winwin Bickered Over Who Is The Best Dressed Member — And Proved Ten Is The Effortlessly Chic Master Of Savage Roasts

No one is safe from being roasted by the king of affordable fashion, Ten.

When WayV‘s Ten made his appearance as a guest on the sixth episode of WINformation, Winwin‘s mini YouTube series, it was revealed that Ten is WayV’s king of affordable fashion…and that no member is safe from his savage roasting! On this episode, Ten and Winwin were asked, “Who owns the most clothes and who has the best fashion sense?” Which prompted some hilarious bickering between the two and a lot of exposing of the members by Ten.

The question seemed very appropriate for Ten, given that the members have unanimously voted him as the group’s sexiest member in the past. Surprisingly, though, both Ten and Winwin’s first instinct was to go with pretty much every member…except Ten.

WINformation Episode 6-1 | Wayv/YouTube

Winwin was tempted to pick YangYang as the group’s fashionista due to the numerous pairs of shoes he owns, but then he remembered that Ten is an avid shopper as well. Ten hilariously denied that he had a lot of clothes, but Winwin pointed out that he actually has a talent for picking out great looking pieces that are not too expensive.

Ten readily agreed, explaining that he likes to go for a casual look that doesn’t require too much effort—or money.

He said that his everyday look is an inexpensive, black-and-white outfit, while his ‘pretty clothes’ are stored in the closet for special occasions. This comment prompted a hilarious argument in which Winwin accused Ten of not considering his guest appearance on WINformation as a special enough occasion to warrant his pretty clothes…

Naturally, this was only the beginning of plenty of bickering between the two—with Ten claiming Winwin was the group’s fashion king because he always spends three hours checking himself out in the mirror before leaving the dorm (and hilariously re-enacting it)…

…and with Winwin dying over how ruthlessly Ten exposed him.

Eventually they remembered that they still hadn’t answered the original question and decided to get back on track. The attempt failed, of course, as Winwin changed his mind and switched from YangYang to Xiaojun, which Ten took as an opportunity to mercilessly roast Xiaojun as well.

Winwin tried to explain his reasoning, saying that Xiaojun had received a lot of compliments on his tight training shirt on the day all 23 members of NCT had gathered to practice the choreography for “Resonance.”

Ten didn’t miss a beat, immediately getting into character and pretending to be Xiaojun.

Eventually, having been sidetracked by the roast sessions, neither of them had a definitive answer for who the member with the best fashion sense is. But two things were made very clear: Ten is the king of affordable fashion, and he is the lovable savage king that no member is safe from! You can watch the full episode below.