WayV’s Ten Won His Mom’s Approval Before Getting Tattoos, Here’s How

We like someone who’s respectful of their parents.

If only one photo could be chosen to define the word multitalented, WayV‘s Ten would be right beside it. He not only excels in singing and dancing as an idol, but he’s also gifted enough in art that he could be an artist.

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As such, it wasn’t too much of a surprise when he’d shown up with his first-ever two tattoos that everyone instantly knew he’d designed himself. The first appeared on his right forearm, a large piece done in black ink.

| WayV/YouTube

The second was a smaller, curved piece on the left side of his upper-chest, supposedly covering a scar. While everyone loved the ink, Ten revealed that it took a little coaxing to get his mother to approve of them.

| WayV/YouTube

During a video call with a fan, he explained that his mother had initially been against the idea of him getting tattooed. He took time to break down why he’d wanted to go through with it and assured her he would be using his own designs.

Still, she hadn’t been convinced. Being respectful of her wishes, Ten wouldn’t move forward without her approval and came up with a way to make them both feel comfortable.

Taking his time and working carefully on the pieces, Ten created nearly twenty tattoo designs and sent them to his mother. If she didn’t approve any of them, he wouldn’t put it on himself permanently. Fortunately, she liked two of them and gave him the approval to get them inked.

Even though Ten is an adult and the one who has to live with such permanent pieces of art on his body, the fact that he couldn’t go through with it unless he had his mother’s approval shows how much he respects his parents.

Check out Ten’s sweet way of making sure his mother was comfortable with his choice and even including her in the special moment by narrowing the designs down to the final ones.