WayV’s Ten And Yangyang’s Conversation About Having Babies Is Just As Wild As It Sounds

Their mid-life crisis came early.

During a recent live broadcast, WayV‘s Ten and Yangyang were having fun in English, messing around like friends do until they had no idea how they stumbled upon the topic of having babies.


It all started when Ten poked fun at YangYang, with a joke Yangyang couldn’t wait to turn back on him.

Whenever he gets a cat, Ten claimed he would name the furry creature after Yangyang just to get on his nerves. To top that joke, Yangyang came up with a comeback so clever he should win the title “King Of Comebacks.” Rather than a cat, he turned up the heat.

Yangyang said, “If I have a son, I’m gonna name him Eleven.” He wasn’t thinking about Stranger Things. He chose the name as a play on words because his son would dance and sing better than Ten. What better way to convey that than choosing a higher number? The fact that he only went one number above was a total flex, or way to show off.

Ten wouldn’t let it end there and claimed his son would be better than Yangyang by speaking more languages and taking dance classes every day. When Yangyang tried to share yet another powerful comeback, Ten wondered how they ended up talking about having babies at their age, “But, why are we talking about having a baby? We’re still so young.”

Yangyang had a response ready that had fans cracking up even more than before at their playful exchange. He nonchalantly stated, “I don’t know. Anything could happen,” before clearing it up with, “I’m just kidding. Just kidding.” When Ten realized how wild Yangyang’s answer was, he summed up their whole conversation with, “What? Oh, Yangyang. He’s crazy.”

Even though Ten had started the jokes, maknae Yangyang was the one who’d brought up babies. Ironically, he’s the one who’s recently grown from being a baby.

Listen to Ten and Yangyang’s very early mid-life crisis about having babies, or rather, not having babies here.