WayV’s Tricks Had Translator Ten Losing His Temper

Ten threw away his queue cards and walked off 😂

To promote their newest title track “Turn Back Time” from their first full-length album Awaken The World, WayV participated in an interview for SM Entertainment‘s Thailand branch. With Ten being Thai, he naturally became the group’s translator.

Thanks to his members, the job hadn’t been as easy as he thought. Instead, he couldn’t even get a word in.

In English, Ten read aloud a fan’s problem, “I have a dream that is hard to achieve. People often tell me to give up my dream because it’s not realistic. Which should I choose? Between dream or reality? What would WayV do if you were me?”

As soon as he translated the question, Lucas didn’t hesitate to answer with his own advice on the fan’s problem. The real challenge came afterward.

Before Ten could attempt to translate what Lucas had said, leader Kun set the example for everyone else by jumping right in with his own advice. Ten didn’t let it bother him. Nodding, he listened to what Kun said, memorizing it in order to translate both responses together. At least, that’s what he planned.

After Kun finished with his answer, Ten was ready to translate it until Winwin blindsided him. By then, Ten couldn’t help but laugh at how no one would let him translate their responses into Thai. He wasn’t the only one who caught on, either.

Yangyang whispered his idea to Xiaojun, both of them smiling from their seats in the back, planning a way to make the situation funnier for Ten. There was no mystery about what they had secretly talked about.

As soon as Winwin ended his advice for the fan, Xiaojun didn’t give Ten any chance to translate. Right after, Yangyang jumped in and quickly answered the question as well. Ten’s smile showed just how annoyed he’d become by their shenanigans. That’s when he reached his limit.

Totally done with his members, he pulled away from Lucas, who was reaching for the queue cards. Ten held the cards up and threw them on the floor in hilarious annoyance. He even walked off-screen. The dramatic scene had all of them cracking up.

Ten didn’t leave them hanging, though. Just as fast as he left, he returned. Watch their funny antics make Ten playfully let off some steam.