WayV Weren’t Ready When Lucas Claimed He Had A Girlfriend

Winwin and Kun went straight into panic mode 🤣

In a special episode of WayV‘s WayV-ariety, the group sat down for a bit of a counseling session, reading stories submitted by fans and giving them the advice they needed. When one fan asked for some guidance in the love department, it took a hilarious turn.

Lucas claimed that he had a girlfriend, prompting the rest of the members to react in the funniest ways. Little did they know, he was merely referring to their fans. Here’s how it all went down.

Kun read the fan’s situation out loud. Their shyness led to an unrequited love that they hadn’t been able to overcome, even with graduation getting closer and closer. The fan needed help in closing the distance between them and confessing.

I’m having a one-way love toward a male student at my school. Since I’m an introverted person, I had no courage to talk with that boy and slowly we had less time to communicate with each other. Our graduation is coming soon. Is there a way for me to let him know how I’m feeling? How should I break this silence and search for stories to share with each other?

After Ten told the fan to have strength and played out two scenarios of how their confession could end, with the help of Yangyang, Lucas wanted to encourage the fan as well.

He emphasized that he wouldn’t pass up the chance to confess. That’s when he mentioned he couldn’t follow his own advice because he already had a special someone, “If it was me, I’ll not miss this opportunity. But sorry, I already have one.

The rest of the members’ reactions said it all. Xiaojun kept a straight face while looking at Lucas while Ten began to smile.

Winwin seemed completely fine until hearing Lucas’s words. With a look of confusion, he couldn’t help but turn toward him. Kun was just as surprised, looking at him out of the corner of his eyes so he wouldn’t attract too much attention.

When it comes to reactions, Hendery never disappoints and didn’t here. Although he kept a straight face, his eyes were the funniest part. They darted to Lucas and back, keeping in line with how panicked everyone else had been.

Yangyang was the only one who hadn’t been panicked by Lucas’s response. Smiling, he knew what Lucas had been thinking. He finished the sentence by explaining that Lucas’s “girlfriend” was their fans, “That they’re my fans.

Once they all realized, their hilariously panicked expressions were replaced with ones of laughter.

Watch Lucas give his members a heart attack by claiming he had a girlfriend—before pointing out he was only referring to fans.