WayV Winwin’s English Name Will Have You Wheezing

NCTzens can come up with something better 🤣

Since Korean names can sometimes be a bit difficult to pronounce for international purposes, idols may have a nickname that fans can call them.

Taking it a step further, some even have English names that they used when abroad. In NCT, there’s a mix between real ones and hilarious ones they gave themselves.

Jaehyun was Jay, now Jeffrey; Doyoung was Charlie; Haechan was Peter; Jisung was Andy. When NCT give themselves English names, they turned out just as hilarious as you’d think. Just for fun, Taeil switched from Billy to Moon Blah Blah. Jungwoo deemed himself James and made Mark Mark Anderson.

When it comes to WayV‘s Winwin, his English name is a whole new level of funny. Although Winwin doesn’t have an English name that he currently uses, a fan discovered that he had one when he was a child.

During a past fan sign, an NCTzen wanted her album to be signed to her English name. Because of that, it prompted her to ask if Winwin had one as well.

Out of all the names that could’ve been chosen for him, he received one of the simplest and uninspiring ones. He confessed it was Mike.

Thinking of him as Mike Dong had fans cracking up when they discovered the little-known fact. Even though they’d been shocked and concerned that no one had come up with a better name, they were quick with the memes.

What English name do you think fits Winwin better? Maybe something starting with a W to keep it similar, like Will or Wes?