WayV’s Winwin Was The Perfect Gentleman To EVERGLOW’s Yiren

He couldn’t continue without helping Yiren.

In a moment from the Chinese show Star Chaser 2, WayV‘s Winwin gained praise for being the perfect gentleman to EVERGLOW‘s Yiren when she appeared as a guest star.

Yiren | @EVERGLOW_STAFF/Twitter

While other members of the cast had umbrellas and rain jackets to stay dry, Yiren ran out into the rain without either. That’s when Winwin did something only a gentleman would.

Though Winwin was safe from the rain because of the rain jacket he wore, he took an umbrella and held it over himself and Yiren. While Yiren demonstrated how to play a game, Winwin continued to shield her from the rain.

Even when Winwin learned the game from Yiren, he still tried his best to hold the umbrella over her as well.

Seeing Winwin keep Yiren from getting drenched in the rain gained praise from fans.

No matter what he’s doing or where he is, Winwin will always be a gentleman caring for others.

Winwin | @WayV_official/Twitter

Check out the two idols having a brief heartwarming moment here.