WayV’s Winwin Is All For Gender Equality With His Quick Addition To Their Script


To celebrate their first-ever appearance on the MAMA‘s, WayV participated in a short video clip to promote their special stage on the awards show.


Although Winwin was very much excited, even though it was his second time, he had a minor issue with the script that was prepared and came up with his own way of fixing it.

As they held banners highlighting their appearance on the show, they gave their team greeting followed by saying, “We love MAMA.” Shortly after saying the phrase, Winwin decided they forgot something important.

In the softest voice, he added, “And, papa.” After hearing his addition to their script, Lucas couldn’t help but notice, turning to him and saying, “Okay.” In Winwin’s eyes, if “mama” was receiving all the love, they couldn’t forget about “papa” as well. He didn’t stop there either.

After the awards show, Winwin showed off their award on Weibo with a brief message that had the same energy as he did in the video clip. He not only thanked their fans and the show but “papa” too. He even added a laughing emoji to signal that he knew how funny everyone had found it.

Even though it was both a witty and hilarious joke on Winwin’s part, it doesn’t take away from the fact that his first thought was to name both women and men equally. Everyone loves a woke comedian. Watch him make sure both “mama” and “papa” are included here.