The Time WayV’s Winwin Pretended To Get Lucas’s Signature…But Was “Scolded” By A Fan

He did something forbidden 😂

WayV‘s Winwin once pretended to get Lucas‘s signature during a fansign event, but was jokingly reprimanded by a fan for not following the rules. Even he wasn’t about to be given special treatment!


It all started when Winwin leaned over the table, pretending to be a fan who wanted to receive Lucas’s signature.

Suddenly, a fan from behind him shouted, “Dong Sicheng, don’t put your hands on the table!

Unfortunately for Winwin, he forgot that he was going against an important rule at the fansign—do not put your hands on the table!

Winwin and Lucas immediately burst out laughing when they realized the fan was scolding him as if she were a staff member and he a disobedient fan.

This fan definitely has what it takes to be a great staff member for WayV! After all, she’s already shown that she’s got the talent for it.

Source: @lcvdsc