WayV’s Winwin Makes Fan’s Dream Come True By Personally Returning Their Lost Item

They had no clue they’d be living the Y/N life.

At fan signing events, it can be easy to get swept away with seeing your favorite group up close and personal. Combined with moving from one handsome member to another, who cares about losing their belongings?


During one of WayV‘s recent fan signings, this happened to a lucky fan who ended up receiving the best outcome ever thanks to Winwin.

After finishing up their time for the signing, a fan proceeded back to the audience, thinking they’d left with all their belongings. Winwin noticed otherwise, spotting the photo card they’d left behind. Not wanting them to go without it, he snatched it up and stepped off the stage, making his way down one of the aisles.

When he spotted the fan he was looking for, Winwin came straight for them, slightly leaning into the audience to hand the photo card to her. It was like something out of a fan’s dream. What NCTzen wouldn’t want Winwin to personally return something they’d lost?

Afterward, he returned back to the table, stepping onto the stage once more. Not only did Winwin do a wholesome deed by returning an item someone had left behind, but he made the fan’s dream come true by taking the extra step to return it himself.

If that isn’t true fan service, what is? Watch Winwin make a fan’s entire life with his quick thinking and ability to take charge.