WayV’s Winwin Pretended To Be Yangyang’s Girlfriend, And No One Could Handle It

The new side of Winwin was an instant hit 😂

When the guys of WayV showcased some of their acting chops for a Chinese interview, Winwin caused the members to lose it by how well he pulled off being Yangyang‘s girlfriend.


Winwin didn’t waste any time getting into character, posing cutely and fluttering his eyelashes. That was all it took.

Sitting the closest to Winwin, Xiaojun couldn’t keep the laughter in from seeing Winwin’s acting up close.

Yangyang was just as surprised as the rest of them and didn’t know what to do.

Hendery and Kun were so taken back by the new side of Winwin that their jaws dropped to the floor.

Lucas flailed around excitedly, reaching for Ten, who had an equally amused smile.

Whether Winwin’s being cute as himself or Yangyang’s girlfriend, he always makes the members go crazy.

Check out their hilarious reactions to Winwin busting out his acting skills.