WayV Winwin Reads His Members’ Minds Just From The Name They Call Him

“Lucas calls me Winwin most of the time. But, if he calls me Sicheng…”

Since WayV‘s Yangyang and Ten have their own segment titled Ten X Yangyang’s Enjoy The Challenge!, Winwin decided to try one of his own.

During the very first episode of WINformation, he answered various questions submitted to him by fans. In the process, he revealed that he could read his members’ minds just from the name they call him.

| SBS Inkigayo PD

A WayZenNi asked if the WayV members had any specific nicknames for each other. Even though they’re a close bunch, they felt so comfortable that they didn’t need to. “To be honest, WayV is—relatively speaking—blunt. We are all direct with each other. So, we just call each other’s names.

As for what the members call him, Winwin noted that different members used either his stage name or real name. When they switched it up, it gave him a clue that something was on their mind.

Some members call me Sicheng. Some members call me Winwin. But, if a member who calls me Winwin normally calls me Sicheng, I feel a bit weird about it. It makes me cringe a bit.

— Winwin

Because Yangyang is usually team Winwin, he knows that the maknae wants one of two things when he switches to Sicheng. “For example, Yangyang calls me Winwin ge, Winwin hyung. If he calls me Sicheng ge, Sicheng hyung… I would think he has a favor to ask me or that he wants me to buy food for him.

In that same way, Winwin could figure out if something is bothering Lucas. “Lucas calls me Winwin most of the time. But, if he calls me Sicheng… To me, it feels like something went wrong with him.

Many people can relate to Winwin’s skills. In the same way that a parent calls their kid by their full name when they’re angry, he knows what each member wants if they switch between his names.

Watch Winwin share what’s on Yangyang and Lucas’s minds when they seek him out here.