WayV’s Winwin Had To Shut Down Lucas’s 19+ Talk About Their Sleepwear

Lucas was a little too detailed 😆

Among the questions that WayV‘s Lucas and Winwin answered from fans, they shared their preferred clothing for a good night’s sleep. Along the way, Lucas’s details had Winwin putting an end to the humorous discussion.


As soon as Lucas read the question about their sleepwear, he revealed that both of them had the same preference. He said, “In fact, [he is] just like me. Winwin only wears the pants.

All of the members didn’t wear traditional sleepwear. Lucas said, “No one in our team wears pajamas.” Winwin quickly clarified, “I mean, we don’t wear the clothes called pajamas.

That’s when Lucas went into more detail than Winwin was ready for. He expressed how freeing it was to go without any clothing.

When we sleep, we shouldn’t really wear anything at all. We should liberate ourselves. We should relax ourselves from our head to toes.

— Lucas

Winwin didn’t waste any time chiming in and stopping Lucas. He laughed after saying, “Okay, that’s enough. If we continue, we can’t release the video.

While Lucas brings WayZenNis laughter with his funny antics, Winwin is the perfect person to rein him in just a bit.

Lucas and Winwin. | 威神V_黄冠亨_HENDERY/Weibo

Watch Lucas cause Winwin laughter with his spicy choice of sleepwear.