WayV Winwin’s Time Travel Wish Will Make You Shout “Same!”

A lot of people would pull the same clever trick.

Because the title track of WayV‘s first full-length album Awaken The World is named “Turn Back Time”, what better question to ask than time travel?

At the thought of which time period they would travel back to, Winwin took the crown for his hilarious yet realistic answer that everyone could relate to.

Lucas was the first to answer, setting a heartwarming tone. He would use the once-in-a-lifetime chance to take them all back to elementary school.

That way, WayV’s friendship would be even deeper, having known each other so long. “It would be very fun if we travel back to our school days… If we knew each other since primary school, it would’ve been very fun. I can’t even imagine it.”

Winwin threw the heartwarming vibe right out of the window. For his opportunity to time travel, he only wanted to rewind time a few days. What could possibly change in such a short timeframe?

He didn’t want to change anything at all. Winwin merely wanted to play the winning lottery numbers to receive all the money, “I want to go back two/three days ago to remember the numbers on the lottery. Such as lottos.”

The rest of them cracked smiles at the simple yet clever wish. He wasn’t alone. Hendery was especially happy since he’d been thinking the same thing, “Yeah, I was going to say that.”

With the power to strengthen their friendships or change the fate of the entire world, Winwin simply wanted to swim in money. It’s such a popular dream that everyone can agree they’d do the same.