WayV’s Xiaojun Tried To Show A Magic Trick But Ten Shut Him Down…On Accident

He tried his best but Ten was just not having it. 😂

While in the waiting room to perform “Kick Back,” WayV‘s Xiaojun wanted to flex his new card magic skills with Ten as his audience.

Xiaojun instructed Ten to tell him when to stop while laying down the cards, to which Ten immediately said “stop” a few cards after Xiaojun began.

Ten clearly didn’t realize how he had foiled Xiaojun’s plan with his unexpected response, and asked him to continue with his magic trick. But this time, Ten was intentionally mischievous, mixing up the cards and asking Xiaojun if he truly knew what was on the card.

Xiaojun was in disbelief while Kun laughed, calling Ten a “difficult customer” for trying to steal the show and expose Xiaojun. Better luck next time, Xiaojun!