WayV’s Yangyang Exposes His Own Fan Twitter Account

Yangyang knows all about what fans post on Twitter.

During an interview with Teen Vogue, WayV discussed how impactful they’ve become thanks to the increase in their fandom size. The members have been able to feel the difference from the little moment between them and their fans.

To give an example, Yangyang revealed how one of his hobbies has transferred over to fans. In the process, he let it slip that he’s been keeping tabs on what fans post on Twitter.

While studying abroad in Germany, Yangyang gained the hobby of collecting sneakers. It’s reached the point where there’s a particular space dedicated solely for his sneakers, “In our dorm right now, we have a wall of sneakers just for me.” Since he’s a fan of different sports, it’s a way for him to stay connected to them.

With Travis Scott being one of his favorite artists, Yangyang tries to collect all of his sneakers because it lets him feel closer to his favorite artist, saying, “It’s like a fanboy thing.” From what he’s seen NCTzens and WayZenNis post on Twitter, he isn’t the only one fanboying or fangirling.

Yangyang revealed that he knows all about what fans post there: “On Twitter, there are ‘YangYang sneaker closet’ posts. When I go to the airport, people photograph my shoes and post a picture of them!” If collecting sneakers is important to Yangyang, it’s also important to fans. The attention fans have placed on his sneakers is still something he can’t fully process, instead making him blush.

While Lucas thought Yangyang’s reaction was adorable, Ten pointed out a funny fact about his explanation. He’d unknowingly just exposed that he has his own fan Twitter, where he keeps his eye on posts about them.

If Yangyang knows all about the sneaker posts fans make, who knows what else he’s seen? He’s definitely keeping his eyes peeled.

Source: Teen Vogue