WayV’s Yangyang And Hendery Were Ready To Break Their Teeth To Win

Yangyang could feel Hendery’s pain. Xiaojun, on the other hand… 😆

For a fun twist on an interview, the members of WayV split into three groups to play games for Elle Korea. After seeing Yangyang struggling to whistle in the first round, they played a game that seemed much easier for the second.

Hendery read the mission, showing off his improved Korean. They had to throw a piece of candy into the air and catch it with their mouths. Xiaojun knew he had the win in the bag, “I am really good at this.”

Maknae Yangyang went first. He tossed the candy into the air. When it came back down, it didn’t land in his mouth. The candy hit his teeth with such a loud sound that Xiaojun and Hendery were entertained and worried at the same time.

It turned out to be just as painful as it had sounded. Yangyang immediately reached for his mouth, leaning forward in pain.

Hendery had to ask what they were both wondering. He turned to face Yangyang, asking, “Are your teeth okay?”

He flipped the painful moment into a funny one, joking he no longer had any teeth, “They are gone.” Xiaojun’s turn wasn’t painful at all.

Just like he mentioned, Xiaojun was an ace at the game. When he tossed the candy, it effortlessly landed right in his mouth, “It is too easy.”

With WayV, there’s always a funny moment right around the corner. Hendery wasn’t so skilled.

He faced the same fate as Yangyang. Hendery confidently threw the piece of candy into the air. On its way down, the sweet snack hit him right in his teeth.

Xiaojun was so amused he banged on the table while laughing. Yangyang couldn’t keep in his laughter for too long upon seeing the familiar scene, either.

Yangyang and Hendery may not have won. It was entertaining to see them try, even at the risk of jokingly breaking their teeth.

Check out the two hilariously keeping their beautiful smiles rather than gaining toothless ones here. After all, there are crazier ways people have chipped a tooth.