Here’s The Craziest Amount Of Money WayV’s Yangyang Has Spent On Feeding His Members

Shindong also shared the highest amount Super Junior spent on meals.

While promoting their unit track “Low Low”, WayV‘s Yangyang and Ten appeared on Tell Me Somesing to sing some tunes and spill some tea about the crazy amount they’ve spent on group meals.


Thinking of one of the group’s rules that causes him to “sometimes feel hurt,” Yangyang revealed that whoever pays for their group meal is decided through a round of rock, paper, scissors.

Adding to the pain of paying, Yangyang mentioned that Super Junior‘s Shindong would be able to relate because “boy groups eat so much.

Since Shindong and his co-host Quaddurup were curious, the former asked for the most Yangyang’s ever after losing rock, paper, scissors.

The youngest member answered, “The highest I’ve paid was one million won.” With that totaling $857 USD for a group meal of beef after a music show, it makes sense why it “hurt” Yangyang to hand over his hard-earned money. There was someone who had him beat, though.

Shindong revealed that Super Junior also had the same rule for deciding who pays. One day, the members ran up a bill of “two and a half million won.” Although Kyuhyun hadn’t eaten with them and came later, he lost the game of rock, paper, scissors and ended up paying the full $2,141 USD for his members’ meal.

The amount alone surprised Quaddurup, Ten, and Yangyang. Considering the group had thirteen members at one point, it’s understandable why the total would be so high.

With the prices that Yangyang and his Super Junior seniors have spent on feeding their members, it’s safe to say they’re not missing any meals.

Xiaojun, Hendery, and Yangyang. | 威神V_扬扬_YANGYANG的微博/Weibo

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