WayV’s Yangyang Reveals How He Joined SM Entertainment

He laid it all out on the table for the first time.

Before Yangyang debuted in WayV last year, he made his appearance to the public through SM Rookies around the time NCT Dream debuted. Since then, fans have always wondered how he’d managed to join SM Entertainment, especially since he’d been going to school in Germany.

During one of his latest Instagram lives, he told the story about it for the first time ever. His journey to become an idol all started with a literal dream.

During a basketball match, Yangyang injured his arm far beyond dislocating it. He’d done something like ripping a tendon. Because he needed surgery to fix it, they put him to sleep. That’s when he had a dream of standing on stage, not knowing what to do:

At that time, I had a dream that I still remember until now. I’m performing on the stage, but I didn’t know how to dance. I didn’t know the choreography, and I don’t know what the song was. I just stood on the stage. But, nothing happened. It just went normal. Then, I woke up. 

Although Yangyang didn’t have a clue about what the dream meant, it stuck with him. He soon realized why. He’d found information about an audition, “So, I kept thinking about that dream. The funny thing is, a week or two weeks later, I saw on the internet about the audition.”

Since he didn’t have anything against giving it a shot, he decided he would try it out. He’d taken it seriously, flying from where he was in Germany all the to Taipei, “I was like, ‘Why not try it?’ Because I had time. I basically flew back to Taipei for the audition. I was in Germany, so I flew back to Taipei. Then, I went to the audition.”

Even though there were thousands upon thousands of people there to audition as well, Yangyang didn’t let that get to him. He passed. “It was two days, the audition. Each day was fifteen thousand people, if I remember it correctly. Yeah, there was like fifteen thousand people. I went the first day. As I walked in, they told me, ‘Can you stay?’ That’s how it went.”

Knowing fans would want to know how the audition went, he explained that he’d shown off his singing and rap skills. When it came to dancing, he wasn’t as gifted but swayed side to side and clapped. “So, basically, I sang a lot of songs and rapped a lot. I couldn’t dance, so I just clapped. And then, somehow, I got in. Now I’m here, talking with you guys.”

Because Yangyang accomplished his dream from a literal dream, even he couldn’t see how well that matched up. “I feel like it’s destiny because if I didn’t have that dream, and if I never saw that advertisement online, I might never be here. You might see someone else talking to you now.”

If the world had never seen the debut of WayV’s Yangyang, it would indeed be a very sad world. From his rapping to his sassy yet sweet personality, he could never be replaced by anyone else.

See Yangyang talk about how a dream during surgery had sparked it all.