WayV’s Yangyang And Ten Reveal The Hard Parts Of Living Together

This is peak sibling energy.

WayV‘s Ten and Yangyang recently appeared on Girls’ Generation Yuri‘s latest YouTube video and it has peak sibling energy!

During the video, Ten and Yangyang were asked to expose each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Unexpectedly, both shared weaknesses that involve their relationship as roommates.

Hesitant, Yangyang asked, “At 4 AM, don’t sing.” Ten quickly got defensive and responded, “When did I do that?” And blamed it on their fellow member Kun, “That’s Kun.

Yangyang went on and requested that Ten clean up their cat’s litter box earlier than 3 AM. Even though he may not be sleeping yet, Yangyang revealed that since his room is right next to the bathroom, Ten cleaning the litter box is quite loud.

For Yangyang, Ten shared that he has a tendency to not clean up after eating the food he ordered. Ten further explained it’s because he doesn’t want his cats to step and slide on the food.

When you order a food and eat it, please throw away and clean the table. It’s because I own cats. When they jump to the table and their fur get dirty, it’s really hard to clean. Sometimes they play on it and get dirty.

— Ten

Before the segment ended, Yangyang shared he’d also appreciate it if Ten woke up earlier on the days they have a busy schedule. Ten defended himself and shared he does it on purpose to create a closer relationship.

I told him that I do it ‘On purpose’ to make our relationship more sincere.

— Ten

While it’s completely adorable, Yangyang revealed it can be quite stressful for him since his manager gives him the job of waking Ten up.

Our manager calls everyday and says, ‘Wake him up now.’

— Yangyan

Check out the video below: