WayV’s YangYang Went To Visit His Family But Ended Up Cutting His Trip Short… Because He Missed His Cats

No longer a cat uncle, but a full-time cat dad.

WayV‘s YangYang has returned to Korea after a very brief visit to his family in London. And when fans asked him why he came home so soon, he had the most relatable answer: because he missed his cats.

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YangYang had fans laughing when he gave an update in December on how his ‘cat dad’ duties were going, particularly since he had to step up after Ten left for China last year. The update was classic YangYang: full of chaos and hilarity. As it turns out, YangYang had come home to find one of the two cats swimming in his fish tank…

…and while the fish were unharmed, he had hilariously wondered if they had suffered trauma over the incident. Since then YangYang has regularly shared updates about his cats, Louis and Leon, so it seems like he’s been growing into his role as a cat dad. So much so that he even cut his trip home to London short because he was worried about leaving the cats for too long!

| @yangyang_x2/Instagram

During a live stream on Weibo, YangYang explained that he and Kun had planned their trips home so that at least one of them was home to take care of the cats. Except, their trips ended up overlapping, so they were forced to leave the cats under the care of someone else for a little while. Worried about leaving them alone for too long, YangYang had decided to return to Korea early.

His trip ended up being so short that a fan pointed out that he went to London, visited his family, and then returned to Korea all while Xiaojun was still in quarantine in China!

YangYang said he came back to Korea laden with gifts for all the people who always help him, such as the managers and the lady who took care of the cats while he and Kun were gone.

Now that YangYang is reunited with his cats, he hilariously exposed Xiaojun while they were on live together for not replying to his cat spam on their group chat…

…and, of course, he didn’t forget to give fans a good luck at Louis.

With YangYang rushing back home to take care of his cats and getting upset with Xiaojun for not replying to his cat spam on the group chat, it’s clear that YangYang’s transformation into a cat dad is complete!