WayV’s Ten Has This Fear, And No One Would’ve Been Able To Guess

Idols aren’t always as confident as they seem.

WayV‘s Ten hosted the Thai show Food Truck Battle, and he shared some of his thoughts about the process, revealing something no one would’ve expected.


Ten started off by sharing that it was his first time being an MC for a show, and he had the added disadvantage of doing it all by himself.

Because of that, he revealed that it honestly scared him, so much so that he asked fans to support and believe in him.

It was something he couldn’t do himself because he didn’t have the confidence. And, he revealed that it was all due to one thing in particular: “Speaking is my fear.”

But, he wouldn’t let that stop him from doing the best he could. He gathered his courage and proclaimed that he would indeed try his best to overcome his fear. And, he did just that.

In the very first episode of the show, it wasn’t obvious how nervous Ten had been, especially since he was able to effortlessly switch between Korean and Thai when introducing Nam Taehyun and HA:TFELT.

Ten has always shown his bright and bubbly personality, so many wouldn’t have expected this to be his fear. But, he’s been sharing a more vulnerable side of himself during his vlogs, and it’s the perfect way to get to know him more as a person.